Check out the Hoverboards for sale

Christmas is just around the corner and your loved one has been eyeing the hoverboards for a while now.  The Hoverboards for Sale, signboard too is adding fuel to the fire. Unprecedented explosions are probably one of the reasons you are vacillating between buying a hoverboard and not buying it.

The unsettling image of hoverboards bursting into flames spontaneously and bringing down homes in some cases has brought down the popularity of the two wheeled motorized vehicles. But the charm associated with it is still endearing and there are many eager takers for it even today.

But after the spate of explosions the US Consumer Product Safety Commission has stated that hoverboards are not safe to use, and Amazon and other sites took them off their shelves. This spread a blanket of doom on hoverboard lovers both old and young alike.

Not all hoverboards are faulty. But how will a consumer know which scooter to buy and which to avoid? To help the consumer identify good quality goods, the US approves hoverboards with a UL certificate; UL is an independent safety certificate company accredited by the American National Standards Institute. Hence products with a UL certificate are safe to use and they can be bought in any hoverboard shop.

So, thankfully these delightful two wheelers are back in the market and everyone who wants to own these gadgets can start shopping now. But where can you get hoverboards for sale? Are there any hoverboard shops from which you can purchase this teen rage? There are several shops that sell the hoverboards with the UL certificate.

It is paramount that we understand the UL certificate a little more to know about its importance in hoverboards.

What is the UL certification for a hover board?

Underwriters Laboratories or UL as it is popularly known is an independent Safety Certificate Company, more than 100 years old, that conducts rigorous tests on almost all electronic equipment and grants the manufacturers a safety certificate based on the result. UL certification is approved by the US federal Agency also. If any sample passes the test then it will be listed on the 2272 Certified Hoverboard

Earning a UL certificate is not easy. The product has to undergo severe examination, testing and only when it complies with the recognized safety standards of the country will it be awarded a safety marking.

The UL marking is an assurance to the consumer, the retailer, and the manufacturer that the product is safe to use on a daily basis.

It is very easy to recognize the UL mark on your hoverboards; it is most often placed on the front of the package and a holographic label is stuck in the bottom of the scooter to ensure that the product is genuine.

Safety regulations from UL before considering hoverboards for sale

Whenever you consider hoverboards for sale, it doesn’t suffice if it has a UL certificate. You should also be aware of the safety guidelines prescribed by UL before you make a purchase. Let us pay a quick glance to these precautions which will ensure that you have a smooth ride every time you are on your hoverboard.

  • hoverboards for salePrioritize safety: Make sure the Board has the holographic label on the bottom because the UL marking on a package can be counterfeit, you can never tell.
  • Safety gear: Always wear protective safety gear when using the scooter to prevent any severe head injuries and sprain and strains.
  •  Charging guidelines: When the device is not charged according to the manufacturer’s guidelines, accidents can happen and the scooter will not perform optimally. Hence pay heed to the following guidelines:
    1. Do not charge the hoverboard close to flammable, material to prevent unnecessary fire accidents.
    2. Never overcharge because this will cause the battery to get overheated and this can lead to an explosion.
    3. Do not charge when you are away from home.
    4. Follow manufacturer’s guidelines on how to charge and for how long.
    5. Use the charger provided by the manufacturer only because any other charger might not be the same voltage and also may have poor quality components which will be harmful to your hoverboard. This also ensures that the board charges on time.
    6. In case of emergency do not use the fire extinguisher but call 911. The chemical nature of the battery renders the fire extinguisher in effective in controlling a flame.

UL certified Hoverboards

A reputable hoverboard shop will only carry hoverboards certified by UL. All models must pass the UL2272 certification. The Ninebot model number N3M320 by Segway is the first hoverboard to be certified by UL. The other brands bearing the UL mark are:

  • Razor USA
  • Hangzhou Chic Intelligent Technology Co Ltd
  • PTX Performance Products
  • Shenzhen Global E-Commerce Co Ltd
  • Wuyi Chuangxin Metal Tools Co Ltd.

Hoverboards for sale

Is it enough to desire to own a hoverboard? Do you even have an idea of the number of models, colors, features, and brands available in the market? There are scores of hoverboards in different colors and prices. The hoverboards can range anywhere between a few hundred dollars to a thousand bucks; remember we are talking only about the certified hoverboards available in hoverboards shops.  The unbranded and cheap models are easily available at around $150 but you will be solely responsible for safety.

Some of the most common colors are white, black, red, yellow, golden, green, blue and hot pink. The whites, blacks, and reds are ok if you don’t want to stand out; but if you are style conscious and want to follow, say Justin Bieber than you should go for the blue hoverboard.

If you feel a little more adventurous and don’t mind the admiring glances that people will give then choose a pink hoverboard; it’s hot and happening!

Pink Hoverboard

If colors were simple and life was easy, then you wouldn’t be pulling your hair in frustration. Just saying a pink hoverboard is not enough when you are looking for a hoverboard because there are several pinks available here too. You can choose from fuchsia pink, pale pink, shocking pink, steel pink and so on.

Here we will talk about the Pink Hoverboard V2 from Segway. This 6.5 inch tire scooter is a special and one of a kind board because it comes with a one year warranty and a 30 day return policy.

Here are few features of this pink hoverboard that you can check out when you are checking hoverboards for sale.

  • The Official Lithium Ion battery from Samsung ensures that the battery is able to handle the pressure of lasting long and remaining consistent unlike pink hoverboardthe batteries in lesser models which don’t last long.
  • The self balancing technology, the quiet engine, the sleek build and lightweight design make this product a delight to use.
  • The durable and tough ABS material, the sturdy mudguard around the wheels and the non slip rubber mat are all safety features which enhance the performance of the board.

Blue Hoverboard

If you want to use Justin Bieber’s kind of hoverboard than you will most certainly choose a blue hoverboard. Here we are talking about the Razor’s UL 2272 certified Hovertrax 2. You can cruise on it at 8 mph silently within the corridors of your building or your university campus (if it is not banned there). It has a 36 Volt LG lithium battery for lasting power. Along with the blue color there are blue LED lights, solid bumpers, power indicator. There are two modes in this model which can be used to learn to ride the scooter before actually using it.

Mounting the blue hoverboard is so smooth and easy that it is recommended for kids as young as 8 years old.Blue Hoverboard

There are other brands and models too for blue hoverboards which come with the UL certification.

Whether you select the blue hoverboard or the pink hoverboard, you can be sure that as long as you stick to the safety precautions stated above and to the rules of the State you live in, you will surely enjoy the new set of wheels in your life.

Enemies to watch out for

All stories don’t have happy endings and that is the case with your hoverboard. While purchasing the scooter from the hoverboard shop do ask about the common problems associated with the model of your choice and how to troubleshoot them. It is also advisable to find out what kind of repair comes under warranty and what doesn’t.

Have you thought about water and your hoverboard? Yes, it is tempting to ape the commercials and be on your board near the pool, and in the rain. But you must know if you can’t use the board when it is raining, but in case you do then you should be aware of the kind of problems that you might encounter and also know to solve them.

Unless specifically stated that the hoverboard is resistant to water, please accept it for a fact that this self balancing scooter is not ready to get wet yet. But despite your best intentions if your hoverboard does get wet, pay heed to the following points.

  • Motherboard: Be it your computer or your hoverboard, this component is the key to its well being. So, if your scooter has got wet in the rain, first and foremost shut it down. If it was fully submerged in water, then dismantle the scooter completely. Take out the motherboard and wipe it with a rubbing alcohol which will serve two purposes – it will remove all debris and also help the motherboard in drying fast. Only when all the parts are completely dry should you reassemble it.
  • Battery: If your battery gets wet, then your hoverboards is as good as dead. A trick that works with Smartphones might work here too- Immerse the battery in a container with dry rice for a couple of days. If that doesn’t help then you have no choice but to buy a new battery.
  • Gyroscope: The instrument which manages the balance element is the next component that gets affected with water. Place it in dry rice bowl for a few days; if it doesn’t help then replace the gyroscope.

Probably it would be a saner option to keep you hoverboards at home when it rains to save yourself a lot of trouble and in worse case some extra bucks too.

Common Hoverboards problems

You have picked up a hoverboard from the hoverboard shop during a sale but are suddenly confronted with the following problems:

  • Flat tire
  • Bluetooth and remote control problems
  • Balance sensors issues
  • Wheels that don’t turn
  • LED lights won’t switch on
  • Units won’t turn on
  • Shaking hoverboard.

All of these are simple problems that you can repair yourself if you have a few basic tools in hand. In case you need replacement parts you can purchase them from hoverboard shops online too. Some shops offer 90 day warranty too. As always ensure that any products and parts you buy either from online hoverboard shops or over the counter ones adhere to the safety standards of the device.

Will hoverboards last?

In a very short time, these hoverboards have created a sensation world over and there are several hoverboards for sale both offline and online. You can use them in the house and outside too, though sadly they are banned in several public places.

Be it Christmas, birthday or any other occasion to celebrate nowadays the only thing everyone wants is a hoverboard. The sheer variety in models, colors hoverboards for sale evolutionand features have made this self balancing scooter very hot.

That’s not all; the sheer convenience of using the hoverboards can’t be overlooked. Be it a 7 inch tire or a 10 inch one, all of them are capable to withstand shock and can maneuver uneven sidewalks and dirt paths. They are so easy that right from kids to people as heavy as 220 lbs can use them with great ease.

Don’t resist the temptation, just give in. Get your own hoverboard and experience travel like never before. There are several hoverboards for sale both online and offline. Do your research, check for the UL certificate, identify a reputable hoverboard shop and go for the kill.

Once the purchase is made, do remember the safety precautions and read the manual thoroughly. It is a machine at the end of the day and it might break down and have components that malfunction. Most of the issues can be resolved and your hoverboard will be read to work once more.