TOMOLOO Hoverboard Review – #1 Cheap Bluetooth Hoverboard

TOMOLOO Self-Balancing Hoverboard UL 2272 Certified 6.5″ Wheel Hoverboard

Tomoloo Hoverboard Review Safe And FastThe Tomoloo Hoverboard is certified by UL 2272 and for all of the features this hoverboard comes with it is the #1 cheap Bluetooth hoverboard. This self-balancing scooter comes with a 6.5inch wheel and RGB lights along with customizable app and Bluetooth Speaker. The Tomoloo Hoverboard is one of the popular brands that are available on the market and it is getting a lot of likings from the riders for its smooth rides.

You can find a lot of different models in Tomoloo, but this self-balancing 6.5inch wheel hoverboard is the best among all the models. As this model offers unique design and technology and offers the great riding experience to riders.

All the Tomollo hoverboards are certified by UL 2272 that indicates that these entire scooters have gone through a tough test and they have been meticulously tested by the American Underwriter Laboratories and this certificate proves that these hoverboards are completely fire-resistant scooters. The batteries used in the scooter also certified by UL 2272.

Tomoloo Bluetooth Hoverboard Review

TOMOLOO The Best Cheap Bluetooth Hoverboard – What You Get:

  • Charging Time: 120-minutes
  • Maximum Speed: 6mph
  • Maximum Weight: 264lbs
  • Minimum Weight:44lbs
  • Net Weight:23lbs
  • Applicable Temperature: 10 degrees to 40 degrees
  • Outstanding Functions: Apps, Cheap Bluetooth Hoverboard, and Lights
  • Tire Diameter: 6.5-inches
  • Distance: 12 miles(Depending on ground and weight)
  • Charge Time: 2 hours
  • Speed: 12 MPH Battery: 4.3 Ah Lithium-ion Battery/ UL 2272 Samsung 36V

Cheap Bluetooth Hoverboard Review

TOMOLOO Hoverboard Review – Features:

  • Tomoloo self-balancing hoverboard is certified by UL 2272 and Accepted by CPSC for its high-quality and safetyTomoloo Hoverboard Review Safe And Fast
  • The hoverboard is designed with the most advanced main-board program that assures stability and the best riding experience for the riders.
  • The self-balancing scooter is very reliable and powerful and offers max-speed 6mph with allows the riders to ride the scooter up to 12miles per charge. It comes with a 300 watt silent motor with a maximum weight capacity up to 264lbs.

The Tomoloo self-balancing scooter can be the best gift that you can give to your loved ones. As it offers the safety and the power and also it offers tension-free commitment. You can buy this scooter for your kids without any worry.  It can be the best, unique, and coolest gift for your loved ones.

Tomoloo is one the trusted brands globally, and also, it is the best and popular manufacturer of the self-balancing scooter. They have the international unique patent for a self-balancing design, and the company is a partnership with the most powerful companies in the world.  They have a technique for selecting all their business partners very carefully to make sure that they provide the best customer services to all their loyal customers.

All the self-balancing scooter of Tomoloo comes with an advanced mainboard program to provide the best and stable riding experience for the riders. The company is integrated with the most potent supplier in mainboard program so that they offer both technical support and software upgrading services.

The Tomoloo Self-Balancing Scooter with 6.5inch wheel comes with amazing features, including Speakers, App, Cheap Bluetooth Hoverboard, RGB-lights. The company also launched a V2 off-road model for the riders who are looking for additional awesome features.  This model has instantly become very popular among younger buyers.

The appearance of Tomoloo self-balancing 6.5inch wheel hoverboard is somewhat same as the 8.5inch wheel models. It has the same wheel design and comes with solid and strong rubber tires. Both these models have the same structure but in 6.5inch, you find the plastic foot-pads.  The main difference between the 6.5 and 8 is the popular Tomoloo RGB lights that allow you to choose any color that you want using the Bluetooth app. Now, it is supporting Bluetooth 4.1 link, which gives better range and connectivity. The built-in speakers offer amazing sound and also it is one of the best and affordable hoverboards that is worth spending every penny.

This scooter has the powerful motors of 350 watt each and it can ride easily on 30-degree inclines. The app is available for both the Android and iOS users and it allows you to set the color and brightness of the lights by changing various user modes. Not just that, it allows you adjust the speed, sensitivity and, torque of the hoverboard. Also, it allows you to modify the setting according to your likings.

Also, the Tomoloo self-balancing hoverboard offers the best and most exciting riding experience to each and every rider. The best thing about this model is that it allows you to set specific setting using the app. This can help you get a perfect setting that can fit your riding style and weight.

Tomoloo Bluetooth Hoverboard ReviewThe Tomoloo 6.5-inch Cheap Bluetooth Hoverboard certified UL 2772 and this two-wheels self-balancing electric scooter contains a UL holographic guarantee label with the is placed on the bottom with the big mark for the product safety. Before buying any hoverboard, you must make sure that is certified by UL as it is compulsory because the UL supports manufacturers and retailers by providing fire-safety and electrical testing and guaranteed under UL2772, ES (Electrical System) for self-balancing hoverboards. This regular analysis supports the safety of the scooter’s battery and charger system. To know if the hoverboard is UL certified, then you should find a UL certified products easily, just by looking for the UL holographic label with the big mark on the bottom of the scooter proves the certification.  It is the indication of the genuine UL certified device. The warning says it must have 36V and come with 2.2mah charger. If it uses 36V and 4,4mAh, then it will overheat the hoverboard, and it will not have any warranty.

TOMOLOO Hoverboard – The Best Cheap Bluetooth Hoverboard Review – Pros:

  • Feature-rich ApplicationTomoloo RGB LED Hoverboard Review
  • Easy-to-ride
  • Stable
  • High-quality and performing motors
  • RGB-lights
  • Affordable Price

TOMOLOO Hoverboard – The Best Cheap Bluetooth Hoverboard Review – Cons:

  • Slightly heavier than the other models

TOMOLOO Hoverboard Review – #1 Cheap Bluetooth Hoverboard – Conclusion

The popular Tomoloo self-balancing scooter with 6.5-inch hoverboard comes exclusively with 8-RGB lights, on the body of the hoverboard. On the front side of the tire you can find four-lights on each side of the tire, also, it allows you to adjust the color of the light.  With the app, you can set the speed, control driving force, sensitivity, and steering and auto shutdown time. Also, you can enjoy the music through Bluetooth speakers while riding the hoverboard.

Cheap Bluetooth Hoverboard

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