SWAGTRON T1 – UL 2272 White Hoverboard Review

Move In Style With The New Swagtron T1 White Hoverboard

It is a known fact that hoverboards were in the news recently for all the wrong reasons. But don’t get upset by the news that hoverboards are a safety hazard, Swagtron has come up with a new and improved, safety tested Swagtron T1 white hoverboard that will change the game and will silence the naysayers.

Keep your feet off the ground and go wherever you want, with the Swagtron T1. With its extra sensitive gyroscope, you will feel as if the hoverboard can read your mind.  The self-balancing scooter comes in a sturdy, aesthetic design and is safety tested to give you the best hover boarding experience.

Features Of The White T1 Swagtron T1 Hoverboard

  • Powerful motor – A 250 Watt motor in your Swagtron gives you better speed and more mileage so you can go up to a speed of 8+ mph and about 12 miles without the need to charge in New Swagtron T1 White Hover Boardbetween.
  • Capacity – With a weight capacity range of 44lbs -220 lbs, it is a great drift board for both children and adults alike.
  • Two riding modes – learning and standard mode
  • LED headlights – for night time cruising and battery indicators
  • Safety Stop – A warning beep will let you know that the battery is low and the speed is automatically reduced to avoid accidental falling in case the battery dies out completely.
  • Fire safety – A UL 2272 certification ensures that the hoverboard does not fire up due to battery overcharging or accidental damage.
  • Sentry shield – The Lithium ion batteries used are the safest and also comes layered in aluminum casing for extra protection from fire hazard
  • Warranty – 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects

Swagtron T1 White Hover Board ReviewPros Of The White Swagtron Hoverboard Review

  • Accurate gyroscope – The gyroscope used in the Swagtron T1 White Hoverboard is extremely sensitive and picks up your every single movement.
  • Well-built – The outer body is made of hard ABS casing which is scratch-proof while the wheels are made of aluminum and come with rubber tires.
  • Quality – The hoverboards are produced after undergoing rigorous mechanical, electrical and environmental tests which is proof for the quality of the components used.
  • Safe – The Swagtron T1 will give you peace of mind with its many safety features such as the Sentry shield batteries, safety stop mechanism and a UL 2272 certification for electrical safety.
  • Learning mode – New users can benefit from the learning mode which will help them get the hang of the machine before going for higher speeds.
  • Quick recharge – Even if you run out of battery, you can quickly charge the hoverboard as it takes less than an hour to be completely recharged.

Cons Of  The Swagtron T1 White Hoverboard Review

  • Battery charge – The battery runs hot while charging and the charge may not last longer than an hour of usage.
  • Pricey – Some may find the price tag to be on the higher side, but it is only a little extra you pay for its safety features.
  • Extended warranty – You will have to pay an additional $99 to get Swagtron’s extended warranty

In Conclusion White Swagtron T1 Hoverboard


The Swagtron T1 white is your best bet if you are looking for an extremely safe hoverboard that will let you have fun wherever you go. Though there are other cheaper hoverboards that you can get for a fraction of its price, they lack the safety features of the White Swagtron T1.

You don’t want your kids to be playing with something that is more of a fire hazard than a fun device. If you are after a stylish-looking, strong and industry-safe hoverboard, simply buy the White Swagtron T1 Hover board and zoom away!

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