Hoverboard Safety Handle By Byouker Review

Self Balancing Electric Scooter Safety Handle Accessories

It is always a pleasure to ride your hoverboard. You must have mastered the art of balancing and riding this electric scooter while your hands are absolutely free. As much as the self balancing electric scooter is enough by itself a few additional accessories for safety are always welcome. Some of the common safety accessories include helmets, knee guards, and elbow guards. It is important to wear safety gear always and especially when you are learning to ride the self balancing electric scooter. The Hoverboard Safety Handle By Byouker is a key essential in staying safe while riding your Hoverboard.

Hoverboard Safety Handles By Byouker

The electric scooter is touted as a hands-free vehicle that can be maneuvered just by moving your body. Then, where is the need for any additional safety handles and are they really worth the money.

Use of safety handles

Just because they are handles don’t be under the impression that you can use these handles to change the direction of the self-balancing scooter.

The safety handles are primarily used for:Byouker HoverBoard Safety Handle Review

  • To help you attain balance while riding the scooter.
  • To maintain the speed of the vehicle, especially important when moving downhill.
  • To pull your scooter when it’s out of charge.

There are safety handles from various third parties besides the manufacturers. Like with everything else that you buy research and read reviews before buying one. Remember the handles must be compatible with your scooter.

Review of Safety handles from Byouker

In this section, we will review the safety handles manufactured by Byouker. These handles are compatible with Swagtron T1, Hoverzone, Powerboard, Skque but not with Swagway.

Made of an aluminum alloy, the handle is adjustable and will improve your overall experience with the scooter.

Benefits Of The Byouker Hover Board Safety Handle:

  • Self Balancing Scooter Safety Handle ReviewComfortable: Because you can customize the handlebar to suit your height for a comfortable ride.
  • Easy to Assemble: They are extremely easy to assemble and attach to your scooter. You don’t need to know any extra skills other than wielding a screwdriver.
  • Safer you: These handles aid you in balancing your scooter better thus reducing the incidence of falls and accidents that are painful and can be dangerous. It is especially ideal if the elderly or the really young want to use the scooter.
  • Smoother Ride: The handles give you greater control over your scooter which results in a smoother ride. Your ability to regulate speed and the additional support to your upper body during turns are advantages you wouldn’t want to miss.
  • Compact: It can be easily carried in your backpack when not in use.

Negatives Of The Byouker Hover Board Safety Handle:

This can’t exactly be called a negative but it is necessary to highlight this aspect of the handles.

  • Not compatible: In a few cases the lower part of the handle was not of the same circumference as the hover board; as a result, the handle couldn’t be attached.
  • Tight Screws: Ideally you must be able to attach the handles without using any tools, but in certain cases, the screws are too tight and require the use of a screwdriver. Hence keep a screwdriver always handy.

Byouker Hover Board Safety Handle Review Final verdict

Byouker products have been in the market for a while now and there have been no known incidents of malfunctioning. Keeping aside the above negligible cons you can go ahead and purchase the safety handles to ensure a safe ride always.

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